• Regional Distribution Business
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Regional Distribution Business
Bayee’s regional distribution business focuses on expanding distribution channels in global market and develop more customers include wholesalers, channels dealers, distributors, retailers etc. to provide customers with smart products that meet local market trends and market needs, committed to becoming the most trusted smart product provider of our customer. Relying on the low-cost and high-efficiency integration advantages of the supply chain established in the field of smart products, Bayee has sold product to more than 100 countries and regions on five continents; and because of the reliable and professional category management capabilities, high-frequency multilingual communication service capabilities, fast-responding product development capabilities, customized order processing capabilities, fast and effective logistics delivery capabilities etc. established long-term stable cooperation relationship with 10000+ distributors and channel customers. Bayee will always focuses on customer needs and market demands, gradually build a localized sales network in the market, strengthens the construction of localized product development system and local customer service systems based on strong supply chain integration capabilities, through persistent efforts to create more values for customer.