Employment concept

Bayee’s talents is very important basis of Bayee’s survival. Bayee’s talents management is a concentrated expression of Bayee’s management capabilities and management effects. Bayee’s talents include managers, team leaders and continuous high-performance contributors.

  • Talent Introduction
    The staff management mainly focuses on the training and promotion of internal high-potential personnel, supplemented by the introduction of external management personnel, gradually forms and continuously optimizes the management and operation mechanism of Bayee. simultaneously strengthen the professional ability of internal personnel, professionalism and occupational are the basic requirements for Bayee’s talent development.
  • Talent Development
    Job responsibilities are the basic basis for Bayee’s talent management. The qualification is the traction standard for Bayee’s human capital appreciation. Performance results are the only criterion for testing talent quality.
  • Talent Cultivation
    The goal of Bayee’s talent development is to establish a learning organization. The design of the training project should adhere to the principles of forward-looking, systematic and practical. Every taking course is a problem solution, each training project must be target specific sales problem and sales scenarios. Companies and individuals empower each other to grow together.
  • Talent Incentives
    Bayee talents participate in the allocation of company’s operating profit .In accordance with principle as responsibility, results orientation and good work deserves good pay, we will offer hierarchical and targeted incentives. Bayee had established a market-competitive incentive system in short, medium, long-term level such as basic salary, bonuses, dividend, in-service virtual equity and registered real shares.

Bayee Talent Recruitment

Due to the needs of the company's business development, there is a demand for talents in various positions in the industries involved in Bayee, and all kinds of talents are welcome to join.

How to apply:

Please select the corresponding position below, submit your personal information directly, or scan the "QR code" on the right for more recruitment information;

Note: If the headhunting agency seeks cooperation, please send the "business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, and company introduction" and other materials to the email address: (subject: bayee + "company name") 。

After receiving your information, we will read it carefully and save it. If there is currently a suitable position for you, we will contact you as soon as possible; if there is no suitable position for the time being, we will keep your information confidential and save it to the company's talent pool, and we will contact you if there is a need in the future. Thank you for your attention .

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Recruitment Information

  • Our Recruitment
  • Recruitment Procedure
  • Recruitment Q&A
  • 1
    Resume Delivery
  • 2
    Written Examination
  • 3
    HR Interview
  • 4
    Director Interview
  • 5
    Final Interview
  • 6
    Offer Release
  • 1、What is the division of department and personnel of your company?
    A:We have sales dpt. like Smart Accessories Division, Smart Device Division etc. And Supply Chain Center,HR Division, Financial Division, IT Division, Branding Division etc. total around 200 employees in our company.
  • 2、What is the development space for employees after joining?
    A:After employees enter the company, we will establish dual promotion channels with flexibility in order to display their personal strengths and reflect the value of their work. The company provides one-to-one professional tutoring for every employee. Employees can understand their own development plans at a glance.
  • 3、What is the company's welfare system?
    A:The company has a mature welfare system and is constantly improving according to the needs of employees.
  • 4、How is the company's trial period stipulated?
    A:The company has set up probation periods of different durations in accordance with the law. During the probation period, there will be corresponding assessments, and those who perform well can be transferred to the official staff in advance.
  • 5、Does the company have training system?
    A:The company provides a comprehensive training system, focusing on actual work training, giving managers and employees opportunities for actual training including competition, rotation, transfer, etc.
  • 6、What is the company's vacation system?
    A:The company has formulated clear rules in accordance with legal requirements.
  • 7、Does the company prohibit office dating?
    A:The company is not prohibiting the freedom of love and marriage, except that you can't show affection publicly and affect your work.
  • 8、Does the company have any team building activities every year?
    A:(1)A variety of departmental team building activities for examples: afternoon tea, various outdoor activities, Multi-sectoral activities etc. (2)Organize various recreational activities (table tennis competitions, badminton competitions, fun games, etc.) from time to time, and go out for group travel at least once a year.
  • 9、When is the salary paid?
    A:The Salary will be issued on the 10th of each month. It may postponed few days on holidays.